Bone Rongeur

A variety of instruments for gaining access to the brain of rats and mice
Item Product Price QTY
52163 Mini Bone Rongeur, 5 in., 2X8mm Login
52163P Mini Bone Rongeur, 5 in, 2X8mm Login
52163-00 Lempert Rongeur 6.5in, 2.5 X 25mm, Slight Curve Login
52163-01 Blumenthal Rongeur 6in, Angled, 2.5mm Login
52163-02 Hartman Rongeur 5.75in, Strong Curve Login
52163-03 Adson Rongeur 8in, Curved 7 x 13 mm Login
52163-04 Ruskin Rongeur 6in, Curved 3 mm, Double Action Login
52163-05 Del Bone Trimmer, 7mm, Cut Edge, 5.5 inch Login
52164P Micro Blumenthal Rongeur, 4.5in., curved Login
52165P Bane Bone Rongeurs, 7 in., curved Login
Rongeurs are strongly constructed instruments with a sharp-edged, scoop-shaped tip, used for gouging out bone. Rongeur is a French word that means rodent or 'gnawer'. A rongeur is used to open a window in bone, often in the skull. It is used in neurosurgery and orthopedic surgery to expose areas for operation or to aid in removal of the brain.