Needle Holders

Lightweight needle driver with finger holes at the end of ratcheted handles and blades with cross-hatched faces.
Item Product Price QTY
52122-85 Intracardiac Needle Holder, 5 inch, Extra-Delicate, TC Login
52122-86 Intracardiac Needle Holder, 7 inch, Extra-Delicate, TC Login
52122-87 Derf Needle Holder, 4.25 inch, TC Login
52122-88 Derf Needle Holder, 4.75 inch Login
52122-89 Derf Needle Holder, 4.75 inch, TC Login
52122-90 Webster Needle Holder, 4.75 inch, Delicate, Smooth Login
52122-90P Webster Needle Holder, 5 inch, Delicate, Smooth Login
52122-91 Webster Needle Holder, 5 inch, Delicate, Smooth Login
52122-92 Halsey Needle Holder, 5 inch, Smooth Login
52122-93 Halsey Needle Holder, 5 inch, Serrated, Carbide Login
52122-94 Halsey Needle Holder, 5 inch, Serrated, Left-Handed, Carbide Login
52122-95 Webster Needle Holder 5 inch, Serrated, Extra-Delicate Login
52122-96 Hegar-Baumgartner Needle Holder, 5.25 inch Login
52122-97 Crile-Wood Needle Holder, 6 inch Login
52135-31 Kalt Needle Holder 5.5 inch with Spring Catch Login
52135-32 Patton Needle Holder 4.5 inch with out Lock Login
52135-33 Castroviejo 5.75inch Straight without Lock Login
52135-34 Castroviejo 5.75inch Straight with Lock-Extra Delicate Login
52135-35 Castroviejo 5.75inch Curved with Lock-Extra Delicate Login
52135-36 McPherson Needle Holder 4inch Curved Smooth Jaws Login
52135-37 Castroviejo Needle Holders 4.5in, Carbide, with Lock Login
52135-38 Micro Needle Holder 5.125in Curved with lock .6mm tip Login
52135-39 Micro Needle Holder 7.125in Curved with lock .6mm tip Login
52135-40 Castroviejo Blade Breaker 5.25in with lock Login
52181-40 Metzenbaum Needle Holder 7in, Straight Login
52181-41 Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder 5in Login
52181-42 Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder 6in Login
52181-43 Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder 6.25in Login
52181-44 Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder 5in, carbide Login
52181-45 Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder 6in, carbide Login
52181-46 Brown Needle Holder 5.25in, Convex Jaw, fine serrated Login
52181-80 Olsen-Hegar Needle holder, 4.75in, extra delicate, serrated Login
52181-80P Olsen-Hegar Needle Holder, 4.75in, Extra Delicate, Serrated Login
52181-82 Olsen-Hegar Needle holder, 4.75in, extra delicate, smooth Login
52181-83P Halsey Needle Holder, 5 in., Serrated, Tungsten Carbide Login
52181-84 Olsen-Hegar Needle holder scissors, 5.5in Login
52181-84P Olsen-Hegar Needle holder scissors, 5.5in Login
52181-86 Olsen-Hegar Needle holder scissors, 6.5in. Login
52181-92 Olsen-Hegar Needle holder scissors,4.75in, carbide Login
52181-92P Olsen-Hegar Needle Holder Scissors,4.5in, Tungsten Carbide Login
52181-94 Olsen-Hegar Needle holder scissors,5.5in, carbide Login
52181-94P Olsen-Hegar Needle Holder Scissors, 5.5in, Tungsten Carbide Login
52181-96 Olsen-Hegar Needle holder scissors,6.5in, carbide Login
52181-96P Olsen-Hegar Needle Holder Scissors, 6.75in, Tungsten Carbide Login
52122-98 Crile-Wood Needle Holder, 7 inch Login
52182 Castroviejo 5.75 inch Straight with Lock Login
52182P Castroviejo needle holder w/catch, 5.5in (14cm) Login
The Stoelting Needle Holder are designed to give you precise control for various needle types. Features include: Stainless steel