Ugo Basile Tail Flick

Fast, sensitive screening of analgesic effects
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57360 Ugo Basile Tail Flick Login
57369 Mouse Restrainer (25mm I.D.) for 57360 Login
57364 Replacement Bulb for Basile Plantar & Tail Flick Login
57390 Ugo Basile Radiometer Login
The Ugo Basile Tail Flick has been designed to measure accurately the nociceptive threshold to infrared heat stimulus on the rat or mouse tail. The operator starts the stimulus: when the animal feels pain and flicks its tail, a sensor detects it, stops the timer and switches off the bulb. The reaction time of the animal is thus determined and automatically recorded.
For fast, sensitive screening of analgesic effects
  • Direct connection to a PC
  • PC Interface to serial and USB ports via the adaptor provided
  • Operating Intensity presettable in 1 digit increments
  • Multifinction graphic display readout
  • Memory stick provided with the standard package
  • No protruding elements: flush mounted infrared window
  • Comfortable, unobstructed working surface
  • No stray radiation


Starting: by panel key or pedal switch
I.R. Intensity: adjustable in the interval 10-99 (in one digit steps)
Reaction Time: 3 digits, 0.1s steps
I.R. Bulb: Halogen "Bellaphot", Mod. 64607 OSRAM, 8V-50W
Calibration: via I.R. Radiometer (No. 57390, see above)
Power Requirement: 115 or 220 V, 50/60 Hz, 60 VA max.
Operating Temperature: 15o to 30oC
Dimensions: 43 x 22 x 10 cm
Weight: 13 lbs. (5.8 kg)
Shipping Weight: 20 lbs. (9.1 kg)

Compare pain sensitivity accurately and reproducibly in mice or rats. The animal's tail is placed over a window on the platform while the animal is restrained in an acrylic holder or by hand. A foot switch activates an intense light beam to the tail, adjustable in the range of 60°C - 170°C. When the level of discomfort is reached, the animal will flick its tail out of the beam.

The time from activation of the light beam to animal response is displayed in large LED numbers with a resolution to 0.1 seconds. Since the onset of thermal stimulation and the animal's response are both detected electronically, the operator's reaction time is not a factor.

Each Tail Flick is accurately calibrated via an I.R. Radiometer (No. 57390) to make sure that its I.R. source delivers the same power flux (expressed in mW per square cm) and hence a nociceptive stimulus of the same intensity.

An optional Tilted Mouse Restrainer (57369) is essential to keep a mouse's tail on the emitter until stimulated.