CPS Elite Polygraph Systems

Stoelting's Elite Polygraph is the most advanced and smartest polygraph on the market. 

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The Smartest polygraph ever made.

The Elite combines the speed and power of Stoelting’s polygraph hardware with our state-of-the-art Fusion software. Designed from the ground up, Elite is loaded with innovative and unparalleled features which will provide all the tools necessary to smartly and accurately conduct, score, and report polygraph examinations.

When your reputation is on the line, and the truth is the only thing that matters, you can be confident that Stoelting’s Elite Polygraph will provide you with the smartest tools needed to make the right decision. Let Elite put science on your side!

Elite Hardware - A continuing legacy of Superbly Handcrafted Instruments
Stoelting has been providing quality scientifi c instruments for more than 135 years. Since 1930 Stoelting Company has been on the forefront of design and manufacture of precise and reliable polygraph instrumentation. Stoelting’s Elite Polygraph is the fourth generation Computerized Polygraph System, and delivers unparalleled reliability, accuracy, and fl exibility. Combining Stoelting’s experience in neuroscience, physiology, and biofeedback has allowed Stoelting to create a truly revolutionary polygraph.

The Elite is the most advanced and smartest polygraph on the market. The Elite offers examiners the flexibility to choose the tools they need to determine truth or deception.

  • With the Elite, the examiner has a choice of which type of respiration pneumos to use; traditional “mechanical” pneumos or “electronic” pneumos.
  • The Elite allows the examiner to measure EDA using either skin conductance or skin resistance.
  • The Elite can also record movement from seat, arms, feet, and masseter movement sensors. The Elite can also be updated remotely to bring new features to both the hardware and software.
  • Stoelting also offers a variety of arm and forearm blood pressure cuffs.

The Elite is backed by a knowledgeable, professional team dedicated to providing you immediate customer, technical and sales support.

Top Features
• Full-color, LCD touch screen for active feedback
• Fully field-upgradable for features and updates available in the future
• Medical grade Swiss-precision LEMO and Luer inputs and connectors
• Use either electronic or pneumatic respiration transducers for respiration
• Use either skin conductance or skin resistance for EDA
• Cardiographs support up to 215 mmHg
• Meets or exceeds all ASTM standards
• Control box is housed in rugged, aluminum case
• 7-year immediate replacement warranty