Sensory Assessment of Neurodevelopmental Differences (SAND)

Sensory Assessment for Developmental Disorders (SAND)

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The only observational assessment for classifying sensory reactivity

Authors: Paige Siper, Ph.D. & Teresa Tavassoli, Ph.D.

Age: 2-10 years;

Time: 20 minutes for interview and observation;






  • First clinician-administered observational assessment and corresponding caregiver interview for sensory symptoms
  • Directly examines sensory hyperreactivity, hyporeactivity, and seeking behaviors (i.e. unusual sensory interests) across visual, tactile, and auditory modalities
  • Keeping with gold-standard autism assessment practices, combines a clinical observation with caregiver interview
  • Not dependent on verbal ability- appropriate for use in profoundly affected populations
  • Low cost and low burden tool that can be used by clinicians across a variety of disciplines.


Well-researched, evidence-based instrument accurately identifies presence of clinically significant sensory symptoms commonly observed in children with autism and related neurodevelopmental disorders

  • Useful in comprehensive ASD diagnostic process
  • Aids in treatment planning to target specific symptoms
  • Useful for the evaluation of response to interventions
  • Quantitative measure for research purposes
  • Observation and Interview together increases scope of symptom evaluation compared with one source alone
  • Multiple scoring options, including cutoff scores for each scale, along with probabilities, and ability to adjuste cutoff criteria based on the purpose of the assessment (e.g., diagnostic vs. screening) 
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Get a complete summary of sensory symptoms and preferences

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SAND Kit 36100 contains everything you need to administer a full sensory reactivity assessment, including:

  • Manipulatives
  • Manual with instructions, scoring, research support
  • Pack of 25 Record Forms with Interview, Observation, and Summary sheets
  • Wheeled carrying case and plastic display bin

Kit includes all items needed to administer the SAND