Test of Early Reading Ability- Fourth Edition (TERA-4)

Test of Early Reading Ability
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32825 Test of Early Reading Ability-Fourth Edition (TERA-4) $394.00
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Measures the actual reading ability of young children.

Measures the actual reading ability of young children.
Wayne P. Hresko, D. Kim Reid and Donald D. Hammill

  • Age Range: 3.6-8.6 years
  • Time: Approximately 20 minutes

TERA-3 is a unique, direct measure reading ability of pre-school, kindergarten and primary students.

This new edition provides the examiner with 3 subtests:

  1. Alphabet — knowledge of alphabet and uses
  2. Conventions — book orientation and format
  3. Meaning — construction of meaning from print

Standard Scores are provided for each subtest, and an overall Reading Quotient is computed using all three subtest scores.

The TERA-3 Kit includes the Manual, Picture Books A and B, and 25 each of Record Forms A and B.